The Perfect Foundation With Bobbi Brown

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Wedding Make-up

Can you believe I only really discovered the make-up and skin-care brand Bobbi Brown around this time last year?! It had always been on my radar but when it came to planning my wedding make-up I knew I wanted a fresh and natural look with the perfect foundation base.

Last Spring I made an appointment at my local Bobbi Brown counter for a ‘Bridal Beauty’ masterclass. My Maid of Honour and I went along hoping to pick up some tips not only about the best skin care and make-up for the big day, but also how to apply it like a pro! I had decided not to hire a make-up artist and to treat myself to some lovely new skin essentials that I could also use after the wedding. I came away with a Vitamin Enriched Face Base (it smells delicious – like lemon cheesecake and helps your base to go on like a dream) and Hydrating Eye Cream (the solution for my make up always caking under my eyes). My Maid of Honour picked up the Intensive Skin Serum Foundation with SPF and her face honestly glowed every time she wore it! My love for Bobbi Brown had just started!

The Perfect Foundation

So, when I saw recently that the lovely Lauren from Hunters and Heels was on a foundation matching mission and would be popping by the Bath store I knew I had to go along and try this gorgeous foundation for myself! Lauren and the fabulous team of artists were on hand throughout the day to swatch away and help you find your perfect foundation shade and whilst giving advice regarding skin type, coverage and application tips.

Lauren and my lovely artist Sally began by asking a few questions about my general skin care routine, whether I felt my skin was particularly dry or oily, how often I wear foundation and the sort of coverage/look that I was aiming for. As I wanted quite a dewy, every-day look that wasn’t too heavy the Intensive Skin Serum Foundation was the perfect choice! After a little uh-ming and ah-ing over which shade exactly would match my (paler than I thought!) skin we were good to go.

Sally started with a good cleanse (using the Hydrating Face Tonic) and applied my favourite Vitamin Enriched Face Based which works perfectly as a foundation primer. This was followed by a creamy under-eye corrector and concealer (bye-bye dark shadows!) before foundation was applied using the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush (I own this also – its amazing!).

Afterwards we added a hint of blush (I need to get my hands on a Pot Rouge – I’m much more of a cream blush fan than a powder!) followed by Bronzing Powder and voila, we were finished! Lauren cast her eye over the final look and gave an enthusiastic nod of approval. All that was missing was a slick of lipstick (if you know me, you’ll know I love a bold lip!) in the shape of the Semi-Matte Lip Colour in shade ‘Red‘ – a classic (and as Lauren informed me, the very first shade of red lipstick that Bobbi released!)

Skin Care Creates The Perfect Base

After our in-depth discussion about my skin type I found that my face is actually quite dehydrated – hence why I always seemed to find that foundation felt a little cakey or patchy. On Lauren and Sally’s suggestion I also picked up a Skin Nourish Mask which contains coral grass and green algae (and can I say, smells divine!). I’ve been using it regularly since as an intensive treatment before bed which not only helps with a little evening pampering, but also means that the ingredients can carry on working throughout the night. My skin has also felt so much more nourished, plus I’ve noticed my foundation goes on easier and stays put for longer!

The finished Bobbi Brown look!

Are you a Bobbi Brown fan? Do you have any recommendations for my next purchase? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments and you can shop the items I’ve mentioned through the links above.

The Blonde x


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  1. April 24, 2019 / 8:19 pm

    Absolutely loved reading this!! You beauty!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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