Creative Phone Case Customisation With CaseApp

After reducing my teaching schedule and dedicating more time to my blog and social media channels lately it felt like the perfect opportunity for a little makeover of my everyday technology. As pretty as my iPhone and Macbook are – they could always use a little extra splash of colour! It was perfect timing that CaseApp got in touch asking if I would like to review a personalised phone case and skin – of course I said yes!

Creative phone case customisation CaseApp

The whole process of ordering from CaseApp was super easy – if anything I spent most of my time umming and aaahing over the various different options available! The website caters for iPhone, Samsung and Google mobile phones with a range of beautiful case designs (including extra protection tough cases for those slightly more clumsy amongst us – I honestly don’t know how I’ve never smashed a screen, I’ve dropped my phone so many times!). I also loved that you can create your own custom phone case or skins (also available for laptops) by uploading a photo to give your technology a real personalised touch.

Creative Phone Case Customisation With CaseApp 1

I couldn’t resist being a bit of an old romantic and uploading one of my favourite wedding photos. The drag and drop system on the website meant that I could position the photo exactly where I wanted it on the case by cropping and zooming, plus there’s also the option to add text and clipart images. Adding your own photo means that you can create a truly personalised iphone case or skin (plus it brings a little smile to my face each time that I look at it – so soppy!).

I also wanted to make sure I had something a little sturdier for when I’m out and about and spent ages scrolling through their pretty premade designs. CaseApp originates from Sweden and I definitely felt the Scandi vibes through their minimal and elegant designs – right up my street! I also loved that you could discover the illustrator behind each pattern and explore their other designs whilst learning a little about their inspiration. My choices were the pastel,graphic print of ‘Terrazzo’ by Elina Dahl and also the minimal pink design ‘Spot’ by Isabelle Norman Sällström (this was also available as a Macbook skin so I thought I’d go matchy-matchy!).

Delivery was speedy (the cases arrived just a couple of days before the skins) and they were all packaged carefully to ensure they arrived safely. The iPhone cases are made of sturdy plastic and I’m sure they’ll keep my phone protected from any minor bumps!

If you fancy giving your technology a personalised makeover too you can use the code THEBLONDEBLOG20 for a 20% discount off your order at CaseApp!


The Blonde x


*This is a collaborative post with the lovely folk at CaseApp but as always all opinions are my own and I only feature products or events that are fitting and in keeping with the tone and content of my blog or Instagram page. 




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