Everyday Luxury Hair Extensions With Stranded International

Does anyone else have hair that just refuses to grow past a certain length? Argh it’s so frustrating! For years now I’ve been letting my hair grow (and having a minimal trim at the hair salon!) but it just will not budge past my shoulders. I was thrilled when Stranded International recently got in touch and asked if I would style their clip-in extensions – of course I said yes!

Everyday Luxury Hair Extensions With Stranded International

The whole process of choosing and ordering my extensions was a breeze. There are so many different options to choose from such as clip-in extensions, ponytails, fringes and wigs. At Stranded you will find a variety of both real human and high-quality synthetic hair.

After a quick browse I decided that the heat-resistant synthetic extensions were the best choice for me – they’re pre-styled (anything that can cut down the time I spend curling or straightening is a win!) plus I loved the option of an easy to use one-piece as this was my first time using extensions.

It’s worth noting that their synthetic extensions are also heat resistant up to 180 degrees so you can use straighteners on them. It’s recommended to treat them with a protection spray beforehand though. The lovely Katie at Stranded knew that I like to style my hair both curled and straightened and she was kind enough to send both the 18′ flicky clip-in and the 18′ curly clip-in. Perfect for matching my extensions to my mood!

Here I’m wearing the 18′ curly clip-in one piece from Stranded.

To ensure the colour matched perfectly I sent over a few photographs of my hair and could not believe how well the extensions blended in with my own blonde highlights. Through the website there is also the option to upload your photographs directly or you can also order a colour wheel for a small cost.

There are thirty different shades available so it’s super easy to find your colour. My closest match was ‘Iris’ and I was genuinely impressed at how natural-looking the highlights and shades of blonde were.

Here I’m wearing the flicky 18″ clip-in one piece from Stranded.

The extensions themselves are super easy to use. With five small metal clips along the top of the hair piece it’s simply a case of securing them along a parting underneath my hair. A little practice makes perfect, but for someone who has never used extensions before I found the process super easy. It’s then just a case of running your fingers through to blend the ends of your real hair.

As you can see from the photographs the extensions really did blend seamlessly. Even I can’t spot where my real hair ends and the clip-ins begin! I loved the Rapunzel vibes, and feeling as though I could swish and sashay with my extra lengths! They’re perfect to add in for a special occasion or to change-up my look when the mood takes me.

Stranded International hair extensions review

Stranded have very kindly shared a discount code ‘ZOE20’ which allows you to shop with 20% off (no minimum spend) until 31st January 2019. You can browse their range of hair pieces here and feel free to pop them an email if you have any questions – they were so helpful in answering my queries!

Have you ever worn hair extensions? What did you think? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments!


The Blonde x


*This is a collaborative post with the lovely folk at Stranded but as always all opinions are my own and I only feature products or events that are fitting and in keeping with the tone and content of my blog or Instagram page. 



  1. December 5, 2018 / 1:52 am

    Your hair looks awesome honey!

    • theblondeblog
      December 13, 2018 / 12:09 pm

      Thank you so much – so impressed with the extensions!x x

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