My Top Summer Holiday Fashion And Beauty Picks

As you may well have read on my previous post 10 Tips For A Road Trip Holiday I’m soon to be heading off on an adventure across the water in the USA and Canada! As much as I’m super excited about my holiday (read also super nervous about meeting the in-laws for the first time!) it also poses quite the packing dilemma for me! Ever hear of that phrase of having a wardrobe full to bursting but nothing to wear? Welcome to my life! I constantly seem to feel as though I don’t quite have the right outfit (I know a lot of this is all in my head…I have plenty of lovely clothes and I’m putting too much pressure on myself…) but I find holidays are just the worst time for choosing outfits! I like having a selection, a choice and a variety of outfits to choose from in the morning and when cramming everything into a suitcase (albeit a large one) it’s just simply not possible!

This holiday is proving tougher than usual to pack. In our planned activities we have:

  • A day relaxing Las Vegas (swimwear needed…)
  • Exploring The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and a host of other desert locations (hot and sweaty, practical clothing required…)
  • Time in Calgary and exploring The Rockies (The OH says it can briefly snow in the morning before warming up later in the day…in August?!)
  • A few days in Vancouver to see the city and go whale watching (city chic etc…)

I’ve begun a shopping mission and of course picked up a few new bits and pieces that hopefully should cater for all of the above activities. Thank goodness for mid-summer sales too – I’ve managed to save myself a few pennies that I can use as spending money – hurrah! Check out my picks with a few from the wish list below. Summer fashion and beauty…the road trip friendly version!



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