Stunning Stoneware

Okay, so…I should probably preface this post with one of the most important facts about me. I LOVE a bargain.

This may not be an unusual trait for a gal who loves to shop, I acquiesce, but I do sometimes believe I may have got the art of finding a bargain honed as an official skill. I may well list it on my CV for future job applications (‘I, The Blonde, can wheedle out the faintest whiff of a discount, an end of season event, an ‘insider’ deal secretly emailed to loyal customers or a simple a multi-buy ‘must grab it now’ bargain’). Hmm…perhaps not.

Anyway, I was casually carrying out the weekly shop at Sainsbury’s when lo and behold what beauty did I see before my eyes but these exquisitely detailed bowls and plates! Let it be noted, I have no need for more bowls and plates. When The Canadian and I moved in together back in September we both brought a hoard of crockery with us, along with the obligatory trip to Ikea to buy even more crockery (just in case, you know, visitors come…and bring their whole family).  But these bowls and plates…well. Just take a look.

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Oh so pretty Sainsbury’s plates and bowls priced between £2 and £3 in store.

They are so delicate and pretty I knew that I had to have them! And of course now it’s time for the best news of all…they  were REDUCED. Ha, of course they were! Eagle-eyed old Blondie over here can spot a ‘was/now’ sign at 100 yards. These bad boy bowls were only £2 and the plates were £3! Now…the stoneware/dinnerware admirers amongst you may be thinking to yourselves “Hang on a minute, they look jolly familiar!”. Yes indeed they do! My very first thought was ‘how much these carefully painted, adorably shaped dinnerware delights reminded me of the drool-worthy home section of a certain rather pricey yet beautiful shop called Anthropologie?’ Long have I lusted over their unique, oriental-style designs, however my purse didn’t quite have the same longing feelings. These Sainsbury’s beauties are a perfect compromise for those on a slightly tighter budget who don’t want to scrimp on style.

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I just had to have both the bowls and the plates!

I could go on about this stunning stoneware all day but I’ll leave you with a few photos to show you how versatile and useful they have been in the kitchen so far (much to The Canadian’s dismay who thought that they were a totally unnecessary purchase – pfft). They’ve become my handy baking companion and are just the right size for a lunchtime treat (by the way this is Jamie Oliver’s tomato, chorizo and red wine risotto – try it, it’s super yummy and ideal for a chilly night in where you want something simple and cosy!). I’ve also added a few alternative oriental style bowls that I LOVE for you to check out if your local Sainsbury’s is sold out or you fancy a different colour scheme.

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Making my first ever lemon drizzle cake – I felt so domesticated.
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Jamie’s super yummy risotto has become a staple at our place.
And here are the Anthropologie bowls priced at £10.00. Source
This is a set of four beautiful bowls by Tokoyo Design Studio and sold at John Lewis for £35. Source


These are a gorgeous set of six for the bargain price of £14.99 from Tesco. Source

The Blonde x


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