The Yellow Coat of Dreams

So, if you are a follower of my posts on instagram (if not, get thee to then you may have seen me mention last week that I finally got my hands on ‘The Yellow Coat of Dreams’. Simply put, this was a yellow (surprisingly), longline winter coat that I had spotted in New Look and coveted! After doing the old ‘umm-ing and aah-ing’ routine…the ‘trying it on with my handbag and nonchalantly walking past the mirror’ pose, and even the online ‘basket dance’, I decided I really didn’t need another coat.

This is probably a pertinent moment to shamefully disclose that have a whole coatstand full of outerwear. At my last count I currently own

  • four gilets
  • two wax jackets
  • one quilted jacket
  • one duffel coat
  • one waterproof jacket
  • three woolen winter coats and
  • five blazer-style jackets.

Obsessed is an understatement.

I know, I know – people have already told me – “You know you can only wear one coat at a time, right? Why could anyone possibly need so many different types of coat?!”. Well, the honest answer is I just love them! For some girls it’s shoes, for others it’s handbags…personally I love coats. I think part of the attraction is that generally speaking they fit well. Being a curvy/petite/larger bosomed lady who tends to be that awkward ‘in-between’ size in lots of clothes, I tend to find pleasure in knowing that on the whole you can’t go wrong with coats. Does anyone else feel this way? I find the same with scarves also, although don’t even get me started on that collection! Perhaps we’ll discuss that at another juncture…

Anyway, I digress. Back to the yellow coat. Have you noticed that yellow is literally everywhere in the shops at the moment? You can’t walk past a store without a shade of mustard or ocre leaping out of you from the window display. Now, I can’t say I’ve particularly ever warmed to yellow. As a blonde (natural of course dah’ling…ha!) I’ve always thought of yellow as a colour that I just couldn’t pull off. Now this all changed a couple of weeks ago when I made a spur of the moment yellow cardigan purchase whilst shopping in the Mecca of all spur of the moment purchases – Primark. After wearing said cardigan to work the following week and receiving no less than five…yes five compliments from colleagues by lunchtime I figured I was on to something. Fate intervened and that evening whilst casually browsing instagram I saw it. New Look were selling an adorable, longline, collared neck soft mustard winter coat. I had to have it.

New Look’s yellow longline coat.

So, after much to-ing and fro-ing…asking the opinion of The Mother and The Canadian and justifying to myself (“It’ll go with everything, it’s so now, it’s unusual but not too different, it’ll stand out from the crowd, you’ll be ‘the girl in the yellow coat'”) I finally decided to take the plunge and go for it. Also, at only £35 how could I resist such a bargain?!

Off I trotted to my local store. “I’ll just pop in, they might have it…no big deal”. As I approached I could see the large red signs ‘SALE’. Now, you might think a bargain hunter such as myself relishes the thought of this word. This is often the case. But when you’re trying to track down that one item you’ve been obsessing about all week, and then you realise that it may well be reduced and snapped up by some other savvy shopper, that’s when the fear kicks in!

To my utter, utter delight I was beyond lucky that day. I’d previously checked out this store when I was in the ‘umm-ing and aah-ing’ stage and they had been sold out of my size. I’d popped in really just on the off chance they had re-stocked. Would you believe it…there on the sale rack – fate. There was one coat left in my size and now it was an even greater bargain of £25! It would’ve been rude to leave it there. SOLD!

Conveniently the following weekend The Canadian and I were headed to Paris. An ideal opportunity to take my new mustard beauty! Let me tell you The City of Love is mighty cold mid-February! I however, was super snug wrapped up in the yellow coat of dreams and my Zara blanket scarf. I was one happy, happy Blonde!





Head to your local New Look and try your luck if you have also taken a fancy to this bargain of a golden beauty, otherwise take a look below at my picks in similar style in this season’s hottest colour.

The Boden Jennie Coat in Mimosa Yellow at £94.50. Source
M&S Per Una Eyelet City Coat at £79. Source
La Redoute 60’s Collarless Coat £59. Source

The Blonde x



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